Collection: Denby Pottery

Denby Pottery boasts a rich history, deeply rooted in British craftsmanship and innovation. Its story begins in 1809, nestled in the heart of Derbyshire, England. It all started with a discovery: a local entrepreneur, William Bourne, recognized the exceptional quality of the local clay and saw its potential.

The Denby story unfolds through generations. William entrusted the pottery's operation to his youngest son, Joseph, who established "Joseph Bourne" pottery. They initially focused on functional stoneware like bottles and jars, catering to a time when glass was a luxury.

Denby's journey continued to evolve. The 20th century saw a shift towards tableware, with iconic designs like "Epic" and "Cottage Blue" gracing dining tables. They even adapted during wartime, producing essential items like teapots and rum bottles.