Collection: Crown Lynn New Zealand

Crown Lynn pottery is a beloved symbol of New Zealand design. Its journey began not with ceramics, but with bricks and pipes! In 1854, Rice Owen Clark established a company that would eventually transform into the Crown Lynn we know today.

Fast forward to the 1940s, under the leadership of Tom Clark (Rice Owen Clark's son), the company ventured into tableware with the creation of Crown Lynn Potteries Ltd. This marked the beginning of a remarkable success story.

Crown Lynn quickly captured the hearts of New Zealanders with its functional and stylish designs. The 1960s saw its peak, becoming the largest pottery company in the Southern Hemisphere. Their iconic kiwi and fern designs became synonymous with Kiwi culture.

However, by the 1980s, changing market forces led to the closure of the factory in 1989. Today, Crown Lynn pottery enjoys a resurgence in popularity, sought after by collectors for its unique place in New Zealand's design heritage.