Vintage Furniture Restoration

A range of restored vintage furniture projects from Pickles & Paint.

Do you have a piece of solid vintage furniture that is no longer up to scratch?

We can bring it back to life like many of the lovely pieces below.  Send us some pictures and an idea of what you want to achieve and we can make it happen.

Vintage Pine

Simple Elegance

When you take a simple wood like pine and you give it a glamorous jacket, you get this.


Rimu with A French Twist.

Our most recent vintage restoration was a set of four Rimu pieces all over 80 years old. With some care, paint and new handles they are pride of place in our customers home.

'Thanks Grant, I highly recommend Grant and his team right here in GH!! Really easy hassle free service. The furniture was hidden in the garage, with a new lease on life it sits proudly in the guest rooms.'


Fleur De Lys

A solid oak piece that couldn't be brought back to it's original state. So we fixed, filled and waxed it into this solid gem.

Original Glass

Retro Book Shelf

With original glass but a sad shell, we went full retro on this lovely book shelf.


Deco Style. Modern Twist.

This cute little shelf was part restored, but we completed the job. A lovely solid oak piece with an original handle, two tone finish and great style.

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Brought Back To Life.

This solid oak piece was falling apart and too dark for the market. So we stripped it back, fixed the feet and finished with wax to live another day.

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Small But Solid.

Covered in old varnish and scratched to bits this one needed alot of work. But it was worth while to reveal this stunning Rimu grain.


Retro Upcycled.

Covered in white paint and original handles we brought a modern twist to this lovely retro piece.

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Left In The Rain.

Rescued from the pouring rain and an uncertain future. This little gem came back to life.